Maximising the Potential of Machine Translation: A Workshop for Language Educators

Louise Ohashi
8 April, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

AI technology is making rapid gains and its impact on language teaching and learning is about to reach new heights. Widespread accessibility to highly developed machine translation tools can be problematic when students simply want to avoid doing coursework, but they are powerful learning aids when used in meaningful ways. Furthermore, while translation accuracy in the newly-released chatbot ChatGPT is still poor, it can already provide useful examples at different levels of formality and offer useful explanations. Its accuracy will increase rapidly as data from millions of daily users helps it improve though deep learning. In this workshop, participants will discuss and try different ways they can guide students to develop their L2 skills with DeepL, GoogleTranslate and ChatGPT, both through in class activities and for self-study.
Associate Professor Louise Ohashi (Gakushuin University, Japan) specializes in SLA and language education. Her main research interests are learner autonomy, motivation, and language learning/teaching with technology. She is the Chair of EUROCALL’s AI SIG and an avid language learner who speaks Japanese, Italian, and French (plus her L1, English) and has begun her journey with Spanish and German. Connect with her if you love languages. Twitter: @OhashiLou

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