2030 SDGs game – An invitation to explore our world and yourself – / 「2030 SDGs ゲーム」~世界と自分を探求する体験~

網岡健司 Kenji Amioka
20 May, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The 2030 SDGs is a card-based game where you can experience the journey to 2030 in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
This game is not for studying the SDGs. It gives people a direct experience of participating in co-creating a sustainable world (“I can do it”; “what I do makes a difference.”) Therefore, even those who have never heard of the word SDGs or who are not very interested in it can become enthusiastic and enjoy themselves while understanding the essence of the SDGs.
「2030 SDGs」は、持続可能な開発目標を達成するための2030 年までの旅を体験できるカードゲームです。
このゲームはSDGsを勉強するためのものではありません。持続可能な世界の共創に参加する直接的な体験を人々に提供します (「私にはできる」、「私の行動が違いを生み出す」)。
Kenji Amioka is a specialist and an activist who has been involved in planning and producing sustainable urban development projects in Kitakyushu City for over 30 years. He has been working towards the realization of a sustainable society from various positions such as private think tank company and social enterprise. As part of that, he actively holds workshops mainly for young people who will lead the future as a certified facilitator of this 2030 SDGs game.
網岡 健司
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