Active Participation through Student Response

Bill Pellowe and Paul Shimizu
12 February, 2011 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

We can motivate students to stay focused in the classroom through student response systems (SRS) that require all students to respond simultaneously. Low-tech SRS include giving students batsu-maru
paddles to show the teacher. In more complex SRS, students use remote clickers to send in answers. Regardless of the level of technology, SRS improve student concentration, and encourage an active engagement with the material.
In this presentation, first, Paul Shimizu and Bill Pellowe will demonstrate a low-tech student response system they've developed using simple, 2-sided answer paddles. More information about this can be found at website, which contains downloadables and activity ideas.
Next, Bill Pellowe will demonstrate a high-tech response system that he developed. This free, open-source system is available for download from, and with it, teachers can easily create web-based quizzes and surveys for students to take on mobile devices such as iPod Touch, mobile phones, etc. Feel free to bring your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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