Building an Effective, Free Language Lab

Erin Noxon
13 February, 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Speaking practice, listening to different speakers, answering questions... All things you would love for your students to be able do in the language lab. But, do you have the time, the budget, and can you find the right software? What if you could do it all for free, with equipment that you already have lying around, and, after the initial set up time, the class took care of itself? Over the past years I've created my own curriculum out of spare parts, using G Suite tools for voice recognition, forms-based grading,, and more. I'll teach you how to do it and share all of my materials with you.

Dr. Erin Noxon is a Google Certified Innovator and teaches at Sagano High School in Kyoto, Japan. She has taught EFL English, science, and Tech and Media skills during her 18+ years of teaching in public schools in the US and Japan. She has managed EdTech professional development (PD) in both the US and Japan and currently researches EdTech PD, blended learning, and public school edtech environments.

The meeting will take place over Zoom. Contact us for the Zoom link.

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