More Personal Finance in Japan

Ben Shearon
21 January, 2023 - 6:15pm to 7:45pm

As space is limited at the presentation venue, please preregister your attendance:

Personal finance is the cornerstone of a comfortable life. If you have good money habits and knowledge you will be able to enjoy your life and spend your time doing interesting and productive things. If you have bad money habits and knowledge you will probably not enjoy your life and will spend a lot of time worrying about money.
This session will go through a rapid-fire series of practical personal finance principles and tips for residents of Japan, followed by a question and answer discussion session. This is a new workshop format so should be useful even if you have attended a RetireJapan seminar before. Come with questions, leave with new ideas and answers.
Ben Shearon (Tanaka) was a university lecturer in Sendai (he retired from formal work in March 2022). He has been in Japan since July 2000, and has run the RetireJapan website since 2013. RetireJapan is the best (and only?) place to find information in English on personal finance, investing, and retirement in Japan, with a wealth of free information and a supportive online community.
Note: This meeting will be in our regular venue in Kitakyushu. It will not be online
In keeping with our chapter policy, and based on the COVID situation, all attendees may be required to wear a mask whilst at the presentation.
Doors open at 6 pm, the presentation will start around 6:15pm.
Attendance is free for JALT members, 1,000 yen at the door for nonmembers.

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