Bringing ChatGPT into the Language Classroom: Getting a Piece of the AI Pie in the Sky

Steve McGuire
17 June, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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The presentation is an extension of two previous presentations. The focus of this presentation is to explore the practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in language instruction, specifically using ChatGPT and other applications.

During the presentation, we will discuss a planned collaboration between the English teachers at Nagoya University of Arts. This collaboration will involve creating supplemental follow-up activities based on the language and text of each unit of our chosen textbook. We will also explore ideas for meeting individual students' ability levels, needs, and interests.

Many teachers are concerned that students can use AI to complete traditional classroom tasks without actually learning the material. Therefore, we will emphasize creative and critical thinking, live interaction, and real-time performance to avoid overreliance on AI and encourage students to demonstrate their learning.

Furthermore, we will discuss how AI can save teachers time and effort by creating lesson plans and individualized assessments, including Google Forms-formatted quizzes and feedback on student essays. We will also share some available tools and resources and explore the near future of AI in language education.

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of AI and its potential in language education. Let's get a piece of our AI pie!

Steve McGuire is a Professor at Nagoya University of the Arts who is interested in cooperative learning, vocabulary, qualitative and quantitative research, and CALL. He has been teaching with, and writing about computers for education since 1989 and posting and presenting about ChatGPT since it came out in November of 2022.

For this presentation, Steve will be joining us online at our venue in Kokura. Please join us there in person to take part.

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